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Employee Engagement

In spite of the tremendous efforts put in by MBT, we are aware that this is a small part of the long journey that we have covered. Not only our action projects but also the campaigns and awareness programmes play an important role in the development of the under privileged societies. However all this remain inadequate considering the complexity and magnitude of the problems. There is a definite need of stakeholders involvement be it community, allied system, employees and so on. The participation of various groups of people, who are willing to spare time, as volunteers can be instrumental in brining the positive change in the lives of the marginalized. The involvement of employee volunteers is an excellent example of the zealous workforce shown by employee of MBIL in various forms.

Past year/few months in MBT functioning have been marked as “time of volunteers” wherein numerous MBIL employees made their contribution towards the society in their own unique ways. Their endeavors have touched to the various targets groups in the operational spheres of MBT through various activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Week
29th November to 4th December 2013

The CSR week was celebrated with great fervor in all locations of all the Moser Baer Trust.


Annual Stakeholder Meet: SANGAM
5th December 2013

This year too the annual stakeholder meet SANGAM was organized in the A 164 plant which was attended by a wide range of partners from NGOs, Govt representatives donors, community representatives etc.


Volunteering by Moser Baer Employees

MoserBaer employees have been continuously been proving themselves to be worthy corporate citizens by volunteering their time in socially responsible activities.


International volunteer week at PV Plant Greater Noida

The International Volunteering Week at Moser Baer India Ltd was celebrated as a weeklong programme to engage the employees in productive and meaningful pursuits.


Employee Volunteer at Greater Noida Plant

With a view to promote higher education and to prevent the children from being drop out from the schools, MBT has initiated a career development center.


Volunteering by A-164 plant employees

At the A-164 location, the employee’s targeted health and early marriage of girls as crucial issues impacting the quality of life of community people.

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